Aydin Türkgücü was born in Edirne in 1966. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1988 as a Correspondence Lieutenant and left the army in 1994. As a computer programmer, he worked on many projects both in the military and in private sector. Since 1995 he has been researching about the Holographic Universe, and the Virtual Reality subjects and their correlations in the Holy Books. He wrote his first book “I am Ready, Let it Begin” and got his readers insured against the shock the book might cause them. In 2014, he initiated the Golden Age of Knowledge where information is as valuable as gold. “The Nobel Peace Prize only rewards people in their efforts for peace amongst people. Holistic Peace awards category should be included to recognize and award the efforts of those who work for the whole including peace between people and animals, and people and nature.” He was nominated for the 2015 Noble Peace Prize for his books and seminars where he explains how the Holographic Universe design would provide a permanent World Peace. (Unfortunately, he was not awarded) Aydin Türkgücü, who advocates that science and technology would bring peace to the world, was renominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 with his book “Back to The God (Good News to Good People)” Other Publication: The Book With No Name (1995) I am Ready, Let it Begin (1998) Virtual God “The Last Exit Before God” (2007) New Reasons to Believe (2009) The Golden Age of Knowledge (2014) Back to The God (2016) Virtual God / The Beginning (2017)

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